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About Us

It is every teacher’s joy to help guide his /her students to get the best grade possible in each and every examination

This site is created with this in mind

A collaboration of experienced teachers, both in CIE and Edexcel examinations have put their minds together to see to it that students have what  they need to pass with A* in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Solved paper takes you through each question from the students perspective, explains each step taken with such clarity.

Marking schemes available online are prepared for examiners and teachers, not for students.

The purpose for this site is to provide the student with the opportunity to know the examiners mind and his/her expectation as far as the answer is concerned.

It  is one thing for a subject teacher to successful complete  the specification but it amount to little if he/she does not train the students, either in  A level or O level on how to answer the examination questions satisfactory.

Over the years, we have noted that most teachers complete the syllabus/specification but find that they have run out of time to guide students on how to tackle examination questions.

The teachers are not to blame, it is the tight termly timings, from 1st  September to 1st  may which are thoroughly crammed with activities, events, trips and other goodly extra curriculum things which students must be exposed to. This obviously eats into instruction timings to the extent that a subject teacher finds he/she has no time at all for past papers coaching.

Thanks to  Solved Papers, it comes to the rescue.