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How is Solvedpapers shopping experience?

Its very enjoyable to do shopping in . All you need is a credit card or if you are in Kenya use the M-Pesa option in you mobile phone

How do I open the purchased PowerPoint document, its refusing to respond when I double clip and open it?

Please follow these steps in order to get your PowerPoint document to respond
1. Launch your PowerPoint 2013 Program or which ever version you have. Open a BlankĀ  Presentation, then Click File.

2. Click Options

3. In PowerPoint Options, click Trust Center

4. Click Trust Center Settings

5. In the Trust Center Panel, Click Protected View, and Uncheck the checked box reading ” Enable Protected View for files originating from the Internet”

6. Click Ok, Ok to close the panels.

7. Close the PowerPoint Program, and locate your purchased PowerPoint documents and double click to open, now you will find it responding as expected.

8. When the Security Alert for Macros opens, Click “Enable content for this session” to continue.

9. Enjoy!